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Exploring International Market, Promoting Foreign Trade
Time: 2014-05-19 Author

Exploring International Market, Promoting Foreign Trade

                                                         ——Jiangsu Etern Company Limited attended the 26th SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW

      SVIAZ EXPO COMM MOSCOW is the largest professional communication and information technology exhibition in Russia and CIS regions, and is the exhibition platform of the world leading communication, computer nerwork manufacturer and service provider, which gets the support of Russia Information Department.

      On 13th, May, Jiangsu Etern Company Limited, General Manager Mr.Bao of overseas branched department, were invited to attend the exhibition with three colleagues, emphasis on propagandizing all kinds of products of company. The whole exhibition lasted four days.

      This exhibition has a significant meaning for overseas promotion of our company brand, improvement of competitive advantage and deepening of the international business.

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